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S99 Eradicrete Concrete Remover

Ultra-safe concrete remover that actually works

  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive formulation
  • Will not damage equipment or surfaces
  • Removes concrete, cement and limescale

Say goodbye to dangerous acid-based chemicals without compromising on performance! A unique blend of plant-based ingredients, ERADICRETE™ makes light work of concrete and cement buildup without posing a danger to the user, the equipment or the environment. Unlike conventional concrete removers, this non-fuming, fully biodegradable solution is easy and safe to use on virtually any surface. ERADICRETE™ takes the hazard and the hassle out of plant and equipment clean up.

1l spray, 5l and 20l bottles

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SizeProduct CodeCase QtyPallet QtyBarcode
1LS99SC T10066005037832329592
5LS99SC C50021605037832329608
20LS99SC C20001325037832329615
Safer & better than brick acid
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Brought this product, sceptical if it would work as well as it says but I'm amazed how well it works! Used it on concrete build up on a few hand tools, left it overnight then the concrete just seems to wipe off. Also used it on brickwork where there was excess concrete, sprayed it on, left it, then it washed off easily with a hose. Definitely recommend this product as its a lot safer than brick acid and works really well.
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