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G1 All Purpose Degreaser & Cleaner

Powerful degreaser made with natural citrus oils

  • Versatile and fast acting cleaner
  • Ultimate degreasing power
  • Removes: Oil, Grease, Soil, Soot, Tar, Road Grime, Fuel Deposits, Rubber Marks

Powerful cleaner and degreaser, fast-acting and effective for multiple environments and surfaces. Quickly removes grime, grease, soot, fuel stains, fats, tobacco film, fly deposits, engineering oils and many other difficult soils from work surfaces, equipment, machinery, industrial plant and tools. Ideal for heavy duty cleaning of surfaces including stainless steel, vinyl flooring, painted surfaces, concrete and plastic.

5L bottle

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SizeProduct CodeCase QtyPallet QtyBarcode
5LG1SC C500 NG21605037832327482
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